Isn’t It Scandalous?

girl whisperingLast night I finished reading Jane, a modern retelling of Jane Eyre by April Lindner.  In that novel, the Rochester character, now a rock star, uses exposure to the press and the resulting scandal to justify (spoiler alert!) keeping his first wife locked in the attic after she becomes mentally ill.  It struck me how often scandal is used as a way to move the plot forward in a romance.  In historicals, the young regency miss is often forced to marry after being compromised by the hero.  In contemporaries, modern day characters (usually celebrities or public figures) are forced into a relationship by the press or rumor mill.  Even though their relationships begin because of outside pressure, love always follows.   So pick up a scandalous read today!

Top Scandalous Reads, both historical and contemporary:

Flickr CC: I'm Lying  Photo by: Tayrawr Fortune