It’s Complicated…

heart breaks in 2 by buttersweetRelationships aren’t always easy.  Whether they’re romantic relationships, friendships, relationships we have with family members…they can be complicated.  If you prefer an edgier take on romance, prefer the bittersweet over the saccharine, prefer the doomed-to-fail over the happily-ever-after, prefer slowly-but-surely to love-at-first-sight, or would rather read about the dark, destructive or…just plain complicated parts of relationships, you might like one of these.  What would you recommend?

It’s Complicated…

string attached bookjacket

bitter end bookjacket

stolen bookjacket

spoiled bookjacket

Love, Inc. bookjacket






education of hailey kendrick bookjacket

you against me bookjacket

anastasia's secret bookjacket

why we broke up bookjacket

the big crunch bookjacket






love story bookjacket

secret year bookjacket

stoner & spaz bookjacket

recovery road bookjacket

boyfriends with girlfriends bookjacket






between here & forever bookjacket

how to say goodbye in robot bookjacket

pink bookjacket

hard love bookjacket

the probability of miracles bookjacket





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