It's-a me, Mario!, I'm-a Luigi, number one!

What an amazing first week we have had so far for the Summer Reading Program. Did you get a chance to come in and meet Orbit? Did you get a chance to play giant games with Greg our Young Adult Specialist? Did you build a box fort? How about the coasters, did you make me one? Really, if you’re not following us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you’re missing out!

But, then again you are reading my blog so there is that. Are you still paying attention?!?

I HAVE HUGE NEWS!!!!! (Drumroll please!!!!!!)

I am pleased to announce that representatives from Nintendo, (yes you read that right) Nintendo will be joining us this weekend June 9th at noon. We are so lucky Nintendo will be in our building! Come try games and systems, meet a game developer, and see special guests Mario and Luigi. Prizes and giveaways will also be provided. 

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