It's Time to Plan for Success

To be successful in school it is important to be organized. But, it's not an easy task for young people who have to deal with schoolwork, friends, activities, chores, rooms, backpacks, lockers, desks, and what about fun? No wonder it becomes difficult for children to keep track of everything in their lives! 

Get Organized without Losing It by Janet S. Fox is recommended for any kid who’s frustrated, overwhelmed, and sick of hearing “Clean your room!” “Where’s your homework?” and “You’re going to be late AGAIN!”
Do yourself a favor; pick up this book to learn practical, sometimes humorous tips that will help you keep organized.  Don't worry; I know that the last few days of summer vacation is valuable. So, I chose a fast read with only 105 pages, and it will be well worth your time.

You will learn techniques and strategies that empower kids to conquer clutter, prioritize tasks, handle homework, and prepare for tests. You will be able to plan projects, stop procrastinating, and start enjoying the benefits of being organized.