Jack's Back!

We never expected to see him again.  Like the cowboys in the old movies, Jack Bauer was supposed to just ride away before anyone had a chance to say, “Thanks for saving the world – again.”  Because, of course, he doesn’t expect any thanks.  He’s just doing his job.

But now he’s back.

24 has returned with another day for Jack to save the world.  And for all his flaws, I still like having him around to fight the bad guys.

Jack Bauer is just one of a long line of government agents and military units out to right wrongs and save us all in the nick of time.  They may be in service now, retired, on the run, or maybe even mercenaries.  We may not always agree with their methods, but we know that they’ll fight for the good guys and take on the bad.  Check out the list below for some of the best TV series from both sides of the Atlantic.  Whether the show is deadly serious or has a light touch, bet you’ll find a favorite good guy there.


The A Team
The Avengers
The Bionic Woman
Burn Notice
Covert Affairs
I Spy
Mission: Impossible
NCIS, Los Angeles
Scarecrow and Mrs. King
The Six Million Dollar Man
Strike Back
The Unit
The Wild Wild West


Flickr:  CC          : 24 Grunge Wallpaper for iPhone          Photo by Tim Norris