Jocelyn H. Lee - Library Benefactor

The library was recently privileged to receive a very generous bequest upon the passing of one of our customers.  Jocelyn H. Lee, a former Clear Lake resident, named the Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch Library in his will and left all who use the library with funds to benefit our activities, programs, and services both now and in the future.  

The following is a brief bio on Mr. Lee, provided by those who knew him:  

"Mr. Lee was born in New York, December 17, 1922.  He passed away on April 17, 2012.  He served in the U.S. Merchant Marines.  He moved to Galveston, Texas, around 1970, briefly owning a restaurant.  In the early 1970s he moved to the Clear Lake area.  He lived within walking distance of Freeman Branch Library for over 30 years.

Mr. Lee enjoyed use of the library's research facilities.  He enjoyed research involving health and medical issues.  He felt knowledge was the key to one's success.  Mr. Lee was not formally educated and therefore understood the value of learning.  He took pride in knowing details of a subject he found particularly interesting.  These details he learned in the research facilities of Freeman Branch Library. 

He frequently commented on the kindness and helpfulness of the research staff.  Mr. Lee was very attached to the Clear Lake area, and considered the Freeman Branch Library a prize resource for the area.  He wanted to provide financial resources for current and future residents of the Clear Lake area to enjoy and utilize the wonderful facilities available at our local library."

Mr. Lee's bequest has already funded a visit by bestselling author Peter Heller, the purchase of new computer monitors, and the addition of new books for the collection.  His bequest will also make possible the construction of a library makerspace, which will include 3D printers and other creative technology and software.  

We are enormously grateful for the life Mr. Lee led and for his generous contribution to Freeman Library.