Join us at the Seabrook Celebration

Next Saturday, on October 6, the city of Seabrook is throwing the Celebration Seabrook at Meador Park. It’s going to be an all day festival, with music, booths, food, and games. This is a fantastic event hosted by the city, and we are excited that we’ll be next door to welcome everyone who needs a break in our air-conditioned and dry library.

As excited as we are about all the other events at the Celebration, the one we are most excited about is Story Time in the Kid Zone. That’s right. Among all the other vendors at the Celebration will be some of our very own library staff and wonderful volunteers. They’ll be hosting regular story times and be handing out some library gift bags, meaning that when you go to the Celebration, you will get to participate in all the other events, while still getting the joy you get when you go to the library.  Just make sure to head to the Kids Zone to see some of your favorite librarians and to get to enjoy an extra story time this month.

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