Journaling Group

NotepadNeed motivation to start writing your life story? Join this beginner's group to get tips and techniques from facilitator Penny Boozman. Writing assignment to prepare for this session is a one-page family story of any type. It can be shared with the group, but only if you wish. This meeting is Monday, May 21, at 2:30pm in the Women's Council of Realtors Conference Room on the second floor.


I am very interested in going

I am very interested in going to this motivational writing classes. When would be the next one. Thanks, Pilar

Pilar, The next session is


The next session is scheduled for Tuesday, July 17, at 3:30pm in the Women's Council of Realtors Conference Room on the second floor of the Barbara Bush Library. I encourage you to come if you are interested in seeing this group continue, as we will be deciding future plans for the group at that time.

Nancy Agafitei, Branch Librarian, Barbara Bush Library