June Lobby Display - Howard Hughes

Check our new display in the lobby for the month of June.  A member of our local community has displayed his collection of Howard Hughes memorabilia, including some fabulous movie posters and photographs.  Don't forget to check it out on your way in or out of the library. 


Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. was born 24 December 1905 in Humble, TX to Howard Robard Hughes, a mining engineer and oil wildcatter, and Allene Gano, a Dallas heiress.  He spent most of his youth in Houston before attending school in both Massachusetts and California. 

When his father died in 1924, he took over the Hughes Tool Company.  Hughes was a well known figure, primarily as an industrialist, aviator, and movie producer, but also later in life, for his eccentricities.  Hughes died on 5 April 1976 when he had kidney failure during a flight from Acapulco to Houston.  He is buried at Glenwood Cemetery in Houston.  You can read more about Howard Hughes in our biography database (remote access available with your library card number), or in the many books and movies in our catalog.  

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