June is Superman Month!

June is not officially Superman month; but several June dates are major milestones for the comic book superhero!

According to Chase’s Calendar, June 1st was the 75th Anniversary of Superman debuting the comic book world. In the mid-west, Metropolis, IL hosts the annual Superman Celebration. Last but not least, DC Comics named June 12th as Man of Steel Day to celebrate the release of the latest Superman movie, Man of Steel. If you are lucky you might’ve snagged a free comic in honor of Superman day; but have no fear, the library owns many Superman titles for you to enjoy! See below highlights of our collection. As always, you can search our catalog for more Superman graphic novels. Do you have a favorite Superman comic?

Superman: archives All-star Superman Earth One Peace on earth

Superman: archives, volume 1 by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster. Check out the original story!

All-star Superman by Grant Morrison and others.

Earth One by J. Michael Straczynski and others.

Superman. Peace on Earth by Alex Ross and Paul Dini.

Don’t forget, graphic novels count as reading! Be sure to record your summer reading to be eligible for prizes!