June Teen Things

Thursdays at 3 PM the Parker Williams Library will be hosting a variety of different things for teens to do. Each week was a different idea planned from our Parker WIlliams Teen Leadership group to make the summer less boring.

Intro to Creative Writing July 6th @ 3 PM [13+]
Have you ever wanted to write? Beyond boring essays and math equations, there is a whole world of writing. From short stories to poetry, get started on transitioning from being in the library to getting your story into the library. Join us for our next Teen Thursday program in the Library Community Room at 3 PM on July 6th.

Intro to Plays and Acting July 13th @ 3 PM [13+]
Friends, Romans, Teens, lend me your ears. Have you ever been interested in acting? Have you ever read a play? Have you ever wondered why you have to learn about it in school? Join us in the Library Community Room for an introduction to plays and acting on July 13th at 3 PM at the Parker Williams Branch. 

Volunteer Opportunities July 20th @ 3 PM [13+]
Do you need to complete volunteer hours? Do you not know where you could go volunteer? Join us on July 20th at 3 PM in the Library Community Room as explore the different volunteer opportunities in your community.

Intro to 3D Printing July 27th @ 3 PM [13+]
3D printing is one of the newest technologies for makers out there. From small nametags to extra bits and pieces to cosplay accessories, 3D printers can create a variety of different things. The only limitation is your imagination. Check out one of HCPL’s new Lulzbot 3D Printer on July 27th at 3 PM in the Library Community Room.