Just for Kids - Scales and Tails

Expand your experience by reading cool books about reptiles.

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Tickets are free and handed out 30 minutes prior to the program.  Patrons that are there at that time will most likely be able to attend. Because this is the time stated in our brochures, we do not form lines ahead of time. It would be a disadvantage to those who arrive according to the stated brochures.  Those who arrive 30 minutes prior are given the same opportunity as those who arrive 45 or even 60 minutes ahead of time.  It is a cattle call type of system.

We appreciate how much your children enjoy our programs, which is why we ask that only children attend so we may have as many in the room that safety allows.  We wish to make this a fun event, and safety is a top priority in that fun. It is advised that parents/caregivers stay in the library during the program.