Keep Me Out, Please!

keep me out logoDo you find yourself checking your Twitter account 4,365,241 times a day?  Are you convinced that if you don't check CNN every five minutes, the world might spin out of control?  Well, the first thing you need to do is step back and take a deep breath.  Ok, now step forward.  Ok, now step back.  Ok, now I'm just messing with you.  But really, now that you're hopefully distracted from those other websites, doesn't it feel good?

Well, if you have a difficult time keeping yourself from obsessively checking the news, social media sites, cute pictures of doggies so cute I just want to eat them up..., where was I?  Oh yeah, if you're obsessively checking those websites, then why not try

Add those troublesome websites to your browser "Favorites" with KeepMeOut,  and KeepMeOut will put you on a website checking diet.  Read about it on LifeHacker at KeepMeOut Reminds You Get Back to Work.