King Arthur Goes West


I’m not sure there are many writers around who could successfully pull off transplanting the legend of King Arthur to the American West. But that is exactly what Aaron Latham did with this enthralling story set in Texas in the 1860's. Jimmy Goodnight, as a young cowboy, pulls an ax from an anvil when no one else could budge it. Later as a cattle baron he rescues a banker’s daughter (think Guinevere) from Comanche Indians and falls in love with her.  They are happily married until a rift occurs and then the inevitable betrayal comes via his best friend and fellow cowboy, Jack Loving. 
Sounds rather prosaic I guess, but if the bloody medieval epic of King Arthur can be made into musical theater for goodness sake, then hey, anything is possible!
Anyway, the story is handled so beautifully, with such solid storytelling ability by Latham, that you can’t help but get caught up in it, even if you’re already familiar with the Arthur legend and have a pretty good idea how things will turn out. This remake of an old story is just as full of action, adventure, battles and romance as the original, and will keep you turning the pages, just like a good book should.