Kingwood Branch ReaderNation Winner Announced!

Andrea Morehead is the Kingwood Branch winner for the 2010 Adult Summer Reading Program, ReaderNation, of the $50.00 gift certificate given by Harris County Friends Council. This is the second year she has entered the ASRP, as we call it.

She said she was taught to read at a very young age and has enjoyed it ever since. “Every book is a new adventure. Reading to me is like a movie playing in my mind. Each character has their own voice, personality and style,” she says. Andrea looks on reading as a great escape from reality, into another world. Sort of like taking a break from the reality from our lives and seeing into others.

With winning the prize, it looks like Andrea will be able to take flight into several new worlds. Congratulations! We can be sure she will enter again next year.


Congrats Andrea!!I did not

Congrats Andrea!!I did not know this existed withing our library and will now be looking forward to it. Thank you!!

Kingwood Branch takes part in

Kingwood Branch takes part in the Harris County Public Library annual Summer Reading Programs (SRP) for children, young adults and adults. There are always prize opportunities at each level, so be on the lookout for this year's SRP which will begin on June 1, 2015 and will last until August 8, 2015.