The Kitten That Lived!

Or: Maggie visited a cat

The greatest joy of the holidays is getting to visit loved ones. This year, for the first time in over ten years, I did not have to travel to celebrate with my family (we celebrated in Houston!). I did, however, travel to visit some friends before the holidays, one of which I met here at the Aldine Library.

Back in June, two teens that I regularly work with here asked for me at the front desk, because one of their friends had found a kitten with a broken leg. I took the kitten home and to the vet and started treating her for an eye and respiratory infection, but I didn't know how long I could care for her as I already have 3 animals and was fostering a dog who had wondered into the library a couple months prior. Luckily for everyone two friends of mine in Austin were up for the challenge and whisked her away not a week later.

Since then she has gotten excellent care and medical treatment, my friends decided to adopt her, and she's grown into a beautiful cat. This past Sunday I finally made it up to Austin and was able to see Ella, as she's now named, and was exactly the kind of treat I crave for during the holiday: seeing her so happy and healthy.

Ella's story wouldn't have such a happy ending if the teens at Aldine were thoughtful enough to grab her and get her help! Please know that spaying and neutering one's animals greatly reduces animal homelessness, in Houston there is a great organization that does such services for reduced or no cost depending on one's income called SNAP. We can all take a page out of those teen's book and try and take better care the many animals in need in Aldine!