Labor Day & After-School Jobs

work stationWith the new school year in full swing, many of us have bid farewell to our summer jobs, but others of us have changed our hours so we can go to school during the day and still make some spending money in after-school jobs. There are some great teen books that feature working in some capacity. So whether you have to work this Labor Day weekend or have the weekend free to curl up with a good book, you might grab one of these.

Mer’s Labor Day/After-School Job Picks:


dream factory bookjacketlost bookjacketfor the win bookjacketten cents bookjacket


morgue and me bookjackettriple shot bettys bookjacketproject sweet life bookjackethelp wanted bookjacketthings you either hate or love bookjacket






big game bookjacketmarcelo in the real world bookjacketkiller pizza bookjacketabsolutely maybe bookjacket





Flickr CC: My Work Desk Photo by: DeaPeaJay