Learn something new at Evelyn Meador

Harris County Public Library's mission is to provide information and resources to enrich lives and strengthen communities through innovative services within and beyond our walls. Here at Evelyn Meador we do our best to meet that mission. By offering a wide variety of classes and programming, we enrich our patron’s lives and even challenge customers to learn something new. Our recent journal-making program was a blast; we learned to make Japense stab bound journals. Everyone who participated got to take their own unique and functional piece of art home.

The week of January 15th we will be offering: Excel II - Formulas, sort and filters, how to download and access Free eBooks and eMagazines through our online databases, how to convert VHS tapes to DVDsE-mail: Attachments, junk mail and More, and 3D Printing Orientation: Polyprinter. There will also be more programming and events throughout the month just check out our calendar online or connect with us on Facebook to learn more. If you do not see something you think we should be doing and would like us to offer it please ask a librarian if it is possible, we try to do all we can to meet the needs of the community. Hope to see you soon!