LEGO Club Challenge 2

Last Saturday was our second meeting and everyone's creativity was flowing into the art gallery challenge.  Everyone got a 12 inch by 12 inch plate and were asked to cover it with one layer of bricks to create a picture "drawn" using LEGO bricks. Then,  everyone drew their favorite LEGO mini figure with markers and we had a drawing for a  LEGO movie mini figure.  The drawings of the mini figures will be on display in the children nook if you would like to take a look.  If you were not at the last meeting try it at home and then come to our next meetings in February.  We will be meeting Saturday, February 8th and 22nd at 2:00pm or the LEGO games and open building for all ages will be Thursday, February 13th after school at 4:30pm.   You don't need to bring bricks we provide everything.

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