Let's Hear it for the Tie!

Okay, perhaps my wearing the Texas A&M tie on Saturday did not have anything to do with Aggies scoring a major upset over 21st ranked Texas Tech! Still, sports fans are full of superstitions and I am willing to wear the A&M tie every Aggie game for the rest of the year as long as they keep winning.

In the past, Texas A&M never worried much about Texas Tech. Texas Tech considered us their biggest rival but, truth be told, we are much more concerned with Texas University to pay them any attention. There is an old Aggie Corp. tradition where the week before the Texas Tech game, the members of the Aggie Corp of Cadets wear spurs on the back of their boots. And if we lose to Tech they have to wear them for an extended period of time. Still, for many Aggies, our interest in the Texas Tech game is small in comparison with our interest in the Texas Longhorn game.
Recently, however, as Texas Tech began being a top-25 school and beating us pretty regularly, I have taken a much greater interest in hoping that we would get our revenge on them. Unfortunately, with our school having a poor season and their school being ranked 21st in the nation, I did not have a good feeling about how last Saturday’s game would go. In fact, I even joked with my friends, making the statement that wearing my Aggie Tie on the day the Aggies played Tech was equivalent to hoisting the German flag during the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.
Miraculously, the Aggies blew away Texas Tech and likely knocked Texas Tech out of being a ranked school for the rest of the season. Sweet Revenge! And, throughout the game, I was wearing my tie proudly like a victory banner. So, I have to conclude that wearing the tie loyally was a boon which led my team to victory. But, I am now facing a challenge.  I do not work this Saturday and am dressing as a Roman Emperor for Halloween.   There is not really any opportunity for me to wear the tie during the Aggies upcoming game again Iowa State. So, what can I do?
I tried to find other ways of ensuring victory. I found the “Dictionary of Superstitions” at our library and reviewed a list of football superstitions. Unfortunately, most of them relate to actions to avoid while you are going to the game (avoid priests, black cats, beggars, etc.) and omens (if the band makes a mistake during the National Anthem it is a good sign). Since I am not going to the game, I don’t have a lot of point in avoiding people on my way there and since I can’t control the band, there is not much that I can do in that regards either.   So, ultimately the advice wasn’t very helpful.
So, I am still left with the same problem. I guess that I could wear my tie underneath my costume but the costume is white and people will probably notice.
Do you have any unusual superstitions?