Let's Track Santa!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! Can you hear him? Oh yes, it's Santa Claus! Santa and his elves are working extra hard this year to make sure all those good little boys and girls from all around the world get their Christmas presents this year. As I write this blog there are 8 days 14 hours 10 minutes and 5 seconds left on the countdown until Christmas Eve comes and Santa's journey around the world begins.  How do I know this? I use the NORAD Santa Tracker. The NORAD tracks Santa's movement as he rides his sleigh throughout the night to fill your stockings with gifts. Once he is in the air, the Santa tracker lets you see where Santa is. Whether it's in Africa, Hawaii, Japan, or even France, we'll know where Santa is heading. Since Christmas Eve is still 8 days away, the NORAD website offers a variety of options for you to explore while you wait. Visit the Kid's Countdown Village and enjoy their fun and exciting games. Watch greeting videos from children all around the globe waiting to welcome Santa's arrival in their country. Don't think twice, come and join the magical experience of Christmas.