A Librarian 23 Years in the Making

Get to know us here at Stratford!

Our branch manager here at Stratford, Sarah Davis, describes working in the library as a return to her first love.  As a high school student and girl scout, Sarah volunteered and worked part time in her local library in Missouri. However, upon graduation, she decided to go away to Graceland University in Iowa, where she earned her bachelor's degree in education. She later attended Emporia State for a Master's degree in Learning Disabilities. Sarah then taught various grade levels, often in special education classrooms, for 23 years. As much as she enjoyed teaching, however, she decided one day that it was time to return to a library setting.

She shared that what she enjoys about working in the library includes interacting with the people who visit each day and enjoying the different personalities.  She also enjoys creating as much of a welcoming atmosphere as possible, beautifying the library space where she can and making sure people feel they are valued. She said said that while she enjoyed teaching, if she had to do it all over again, she would stick with the world of library world. She feels that while teaching had more of a set routine, work in the library has a little bit more variety in every day.

As far as things she wishes were different at Stratford, she looks forward to the day when there is more space to hold adult programs as well as community outreach. Also, sge she eagerly awaits the day that has more hours in it...