Libraries Need Your Help

HelpOn Tuesday, January 11, the Texas Legislature started their 2011 session.  The #1 thing on their agenda is covering a $27 billion budget shortfall.  We need your help to minimize the damage to libraries.  Please contact as many state senators and representatives as you can and let them know how important libraries are to you and your community.  You can find out who YOUR representatives are at the legislature’s “Who Represents Me?” page.  You can also fill out a "Texans Love Libraries" card here in the library and we'll pass it on to the legislators for you.  The Texas Library Association web site tells you the specific issues we are concerned about.


The state may cut funding,

The state may cut funding, but it is the library system that decides what gets cut. So might I suggest......... quit buying computers. I am tired of the library looking like an internet bar. It is unfortunate that book loaning from other libraries is on the chopping block, when there are plenty of other areas that have nothing to do with books that could be pared back. Why not cut back on free computers? It isn't as if everyone there on the computers is doing research for that all-important college paper. I've seen them. They are on Facebook and the like. Do I want tax dollars spent on helping people be on Facebook? No. I use the system to have books sent from other libraries. There is no need to cut anything that has to do with BOOKS.

The library system receives

The library system receives the vast majority of its funding from the county.  The funding from the state is for very SPECIFIC things, as shown on the Texas Library Association page that I provided a link to.  Those things are databases, telecommunications discounts, and Loan Star grants to libraries.

As far as the computers go, the position of public libraries nationwide is that a person who can’t afford to buy a computer and pay for internet service is still entitled to be computer literate.  That’s why tax dollars are spent on computers.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify these issues.