Library Time as I See It!

To me, library time has a whole different meaning than real time.  Ever since I began working at a public library, I’ve lived two weeks in the future, date-due time.  When we still wrote checks (does anyone remember those?), I always had to ask, ”What day is it?”  I never seemed to know the actual date.

And my year has only two seasons – the school year (fall, winter, spring), when the librarians are busiest from 4 p.m. till closing; and summer (summer!), when the librarians are busiest from opening till 4 p.m.  The desk staff is always busy, especially the last hour we’re open – no matter when our closing time!
As you can see time - real time - is not something I’m “in!”
When I was a stay-at-home mom, I dreaded the end of summer.  We were always so busy, and summer seemed much too short.  As a librarian, I can only say, “Wow! What a busy summer! Wasn’t it great? Thank heavens it is over.  Now I’m ready for school.”