The Lightning Thief Movie

I know, I know  I think I have mentioned the Lightning Thief movie several times at this point, but honestly I can't wait to see how bad or good it's going to be.  If you haven't read the books (which you really should do) the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan is about a boy named Percy Jackson who finds out he is a half blood.  This means that his father is a Greek God.  In the first installment of the series, Percy is framed for stealing something from the gods and is sent on a quest to retrieve the item and stop the gods from going into an all out war.  Some immediate differences from the story that I can already call, range from the nit picky to added scenes.

1.  Annabeth's hair in the books is dark blonde. (Very nit picky)

2.  Percy and Annabeth are 12 in the first book, in the movie they're in high school. (a somewhat worrying change)

3.  Percy's sword is not supposed to be a click type pen, it's supposed to have a cap. (nit picky again)

4.  Nowhere in the book does Percy test his powers using a watertower on top of a New York City apartment building. (Added Scene!)

5.  Why, oh why are the gods wearing togas?!  One of the best things in the books is seeing how the gods and monsters are portrayed in the present day! (Zeus in a power suit, Poseidon a khaki short wearing fishermen, etc.)

These may not be big concerns, but I just don't want another Eragon!  Please Chris Columbus, be kind!