Lights, Camera, Action!

Greeting from Hollywood signLike many people around the world, I spent last Sunday evening watching the Academy Awards with friends.  I often question the winners, but I love the celebration of filmmaking and the glamour of the celebrities that attend. (Personally, I think Angelina Jolie’s right leg stole the show this year.)  The same love I have for movies and theater extends to romances featuring actors.  They feature talented and creative personalities, and it’s interesting to see how the perception of actors has gone from low class in historicals to the most sought after and famous people in the world in contemporaries.

If romances featuring the glamorous (and sometimes not so much) lives of celebrities appeals to you, try one of these romances, and for more coverage of this year’s Academy Awards, see this post from our movie blog.

Because You're Mine  One Perfect Rose  Everything I Ever Wanted  Silverbridge  Reilly's Return  Perfect  What I Did for Love  Just the Sexiest Man Alive  Home Again

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After reading this blog,

After reading this blog, would I say you are team Angelina or are you secretly Jennifer Aniston...DO you live the glamorous life with these witty bits of information you share with us. Thanks for your wise words.

Unfortunately, though my name

Unfortunately, though my name is similar to Jennifer Aniston's, the similarity ends there, as being a librarian gives you fewer chances to wear designer gowns.  I am happy with this though, as I would never want to deal with the personal scrutiny that both Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie do.  If you, like me, enjoy reading about actors I hope you request one of the romances on the list.  Thanks for reading!