Literary Squirrels: Part the Second

Call me squirrel Nutkin

The Squirrel in Prose Fiction

DAW Fantasy 30th Anniversary   “It’s About Squirrels” by Lynn Abby
In this short story from the DAW Fantasy 30th Anniversary anthology, obsessive squirrels introduce a newcomer to rural Florida to her neighbors and the realm of faerie.

The Pixel Eye      The Pixel Eye / Paul Levinson
Squirrels are disappearing from Central Park in significant numbers, some have been found drugged and unconscious, and New York Police Department forensic detective Phil D’Amato wants to know why. D’Amato is part of NYPD’s counterterrorism force; his job is to investigate anything abnormal in case it might be an indication of terrorist activity. Could the dead squirrels be the first victims of a germ warfare weapon? Could the disappearing squirrels have any link to a pet shop burglary across the river in New Jersey where hamsters were stolen? At first Dr. D’Amato thinks that investigating missing rodents might be a new career low for him, until he stumbles upon a secret laboratory where the Feds are turning hamsters into listening devices.

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk      Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary / David Sedaris; illustrations by Ian Falconer
In the title story of his darkly humorous collection of fables, Sedaris tells of a relationship gone sour because of a misunderstood word. Although this volume is wickedly funny, optimists and animal lovers may want to stick to Aesop adaptations or Toni and Slade Morrison for their fables.

Things Kept, Things Left Behind      “Squirrels” by Jim Tomlinson
In this short story from Things Kept, Things Left Behind, an attic invasion by the creatures serve as an excuse for a woman to telephone her ex-husband.

October is Squirrel Awareness Month