A Little Fizz, Some Boom & Lots of Read!

Oh yes, August is here and we are officially at the end of our Summer Reading Program! Today is the last day to log in any books that you have read or listened to. If for some reason you can’t come in to claim your prize today (a free book for the first 10 books OR 500 minutes OR 500 pages), you do have time to do so until August 16th, (I know we are very nice). Remember we were giving you blue flasks to put your stickers on? Well, you can come and take them home with you, if you’d like. Secondly, I’d like to say a very big thanks for making summer of 2014 a huge success. Thank you for all the gracious smiles and amazing hugs. We, here at Barbara Bush Branch Library, love those. Have a great school year and let’s see what summer of 2015 will bring! I'd also like thank our wonderful Barbara Bush Library Friends for funding all the great programs we had this summer.