A Little Texas History

Historical Roadside Marker

You've seen them all over the roads of Texas. Those rectangular aluminum markers standing sentry beside highways, country roads, and tourist destinations. A treasury of Texas history is engraved upon them. They recount the history of important buildings, influential people, dramatic events, and local legends.

The state of Texas began placing the markers in the late 1930s. The modern program, currently run by the Texas Historical Commission, began in 1962. Today, you can find more than 13,000 markers throughout the state.

How many times have you had the opportunity to read the signs you pass? If you're like me, you don't get the chance too often. A book called Why Stop? A Guide to Texas Historical Roadside Markers can help you catch up on what you've been missing during your daily commute or those long hauls on the highway.

This guide serves as a handy reference to the state's roadside markers, listing the locations and inscriptions of over 3,000 signs. It's the perfect read for Texas history buffs and anyone who is curious to know more about the past.

Photo credit to van.sutherland.