Live and Let Spy

Eye Spy by ocularinvasionGrowing up I watched my fair share of old James Bond movies and it always seemed that every Sunday, on some channel, one could not avoid a Roger Moore-era Bond film.  James Bond on film will have his 50th anniversary this year with a new installment of the series, Skyfall.  Although many of us probably know Bond best through film, 007 started his life in fiction in the novel Casino Royale by Ian Fleming.  So in celebration of Bond’s 50th anniversary on film and almost 60 years in fiction, I’ve put together a list of great reads that in some way feature spies or espionage.  What do you recommend? 

Spy Reads

george washington bookjacket

chains bookjacket

women heroes wwii bookjacket

spies of the mississippi bookjacket

shadow project bookjacket





star crossed bookjacket

i'd tell you i love you bookjacket

spygirl bookjacket

sure fire bookjacket

silverfin bookjacket





stormbreaker bookjacket

dark game bookjacket

insignia bookjacket

recruit bookjacket

trickster's choice bookjacket





girl in blue bookjacket

hunt for justice bookjacket

live and let shop bookjacket

independence hall bookjacket

code name verity bookjacket





Flickr CC: Eye Spy Photo by: ocularinvasion