Live Jazz Performance @ the Library!

Come join in our celebration of Black History Month on Monday, Feb. 28th @ 4:00 pm.

The Hargrave High School Jazz Band, Directed by Brian Best, will be performing smooth and soulful sounds in the main area of the library.  This program is free and is open to all ages. 

Blues music, the foundation of Jazz, is an African-American derived music coming from spirituals, hymns and work songs.
 For additional information on the Roots of Jazz, see the information below.

This website is dedicated to increasing appreciation and awareness of jazz music and its origins. Visitors will learn that jazz was the first indigenous American style to affect music in the rest of the world. The site discusses some of the great jazz cities such as: New Orleans, Chicago, and New York City. Find out how these cities influenced the jazz age and view some pictures from the jazz archives!