Long Commute? Quiet Time at Home?

CDHello, my name is Luanna Adams.  I’m the Branch Librarian at the Fairbanks Branch Library.  I am one of the staff members who will be posting to this new branch blog.  One of the things I will do with this space is tell you about library services that you may not know about.  Today, I want to focus on our audio collection.

A lot of people that live in the Cy-Fair area have a long commute to work.  Since they obviously can’t read and drive at the same time, many of them check out books on tape or CD and listen while they drive.  Think about that hour and a half that you’re crawling down 290 and Loop 610.  Do you get tired of listening to talk radio or commercials?  This is like hiring someone to read to you while you’re stuck in traffic, except you don’t have to pay them!  Harris County Public Library has almost all of the New York Times bestselling fiction available and popular nonfiction, too.  You could even learn a new language while you drive.

We also have music CDs you can borrow.  It’s a great opportunity to test-drive a CD before you decide whether to buy it.

Do you have an MP3 player or Ipod?  Through our website, you can download audio books and music to your computer and transfer them to your MP3 player or, in many cases, burn them to CD.  Some titles are also available for Ipods now.  Imagine the multi-tasking possibilities!  For example, you can “read” a book while you jog.

If you love to read but think you don’t have time, audio books may be just the solution you need.