A Long Time Ago, We Used to be Friends...

veronica marsLast Friday, Veronica Mars arrived in theaters after a long, ground-breaking journey. In 2007, after three seasons on the air, Veronica Mars, the television show, was cancelled, much to the dismay of the fans who loved it. That seemed to be the end of Veronica’s sleuthing, until last spring, when a Kickstarter to fund a movie continuing her story was started. With over 91,500 backers pledging $5.7 million, the Veronica Mars Movie Project proved that there are some television shows popular enough to make the transfer to film.

Although the Veronica Mars movie is historic in that it was funded, in large part, by enthusiastic fans, it isn’t the only television show to have inspired a film or franchise. Hollywood has long looked for inspiration in the shows popular on television. Some, like Serenity (and Veronica Mars), follow a series that was cancelled before it could reach fruition. Others, like the latest Star Trek movies, are an attempt to jumpstart a franchise that has otherwise languished. Inspiration also comes from sketch comedy shows like Saturday Night Live (which inspired Wayne’s World, among other films), and popular children’s cartoons like Transformers (which inspired both animated and live action movies).

Below, I’ve listed a few of my favorite movies inspired by television shows. Let me know what your favorite is in the comments!

Flickr CC: Veronica Mars Photo by: Elena Cabrera