The Lords of Salem by Rob Zombie & B.K. Evenson

"She saw herself claw his chest bloody and then claw deeper and push her hands in through his flesh and tear out his heart, then slowly begin to eat it. It was rubbery and hard to chew, like poorly cooked calamari."

Heidi Hawthorne is a radio DJ in Salem. As a recovering drug addict, she's doing her best to keep her life going on the straight and narrow. One day, she receives a wooden box with a strange symbol on it. Inside the box is a blank record from a band called The Lords. Heidi and her fellow DJs decide to play the record for a segment called "Smash or Trash". What Heidi doesn't know is that playing that record will be her complete undoing.

The Lords of Salem by Rob Zombie and B.K. Evenson is very gory and bloody. There are LOTS of very violent, disturbing scenes. I'd say this is one of the most horrific novels I've read since Breed. The Lords of Salem was recently released as a movie. Rob Zombie has always been great with his horrors and I'm sure this movie is no exception. Look out for this gruesome film at a theatre near you!