Louis L'Amour's Treasure Mountain

Tell and Orrin are looking for their father who disappeared twenty years earlier. They want their Ma to rest easy and not fret about what became of him in her last years. So, they start their search in New Orleans, his last known location, with little to go on other than nerve and tenacity. But that’s nothing new for the Sacketts. They’ve been pretty much up against it since the family first came to this continent in the 1600s. 

L’Amour takes one of the great legends of the west (lost French gold of 1790) and weaves it together with his Sackett chronicles to serve up another gripping tale full of action, intrigue, desperate men (and some women) and the fantastic vistas of the Colorado mountains.
One of the good things about reading the Sackett stories of Louis L’Amour is that the titles stand alone. Even though there is a sequence to the saga, it doesn’t matter where you start, because eventually you will want to read them all. Every tale of the Sacketts reveals tracks and signs hinting at other adventures in the family history. That’s the kind of storyteller L’Amour is, and this story is no exception. Treasure Mountain is the thirteenth of the seventeen Sackett novels.
I listened to the unabridged audio version read by actor David Strathairn and was very impressed with his facility. Strathairn is an accomplished actor with a long string of credits both on screen and in voice acting behind him. He has performed several other L’Amour titles in addition to this one.