Love and Laughs

Having long been a fan of the screwball comedy, I enjoy finding romance novels that feature many of the same laugh-out-loud characteristics.  You'll find the delightfully familiar kooky protagonists with love/hate issues, the gleefully eccentric secondary characters, the compounding misunderstandings, and the physical pratfalls, all tied together with sharp dialogue.  If you would like to try some laughs with your romance, why not try one of the titles below?lady be good

Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Lady Emma Wells-Finch has come to Texas to finally find some trouble and pro golfer Kenny Traveler is finally trying to avoid it.  When Kenny is blackmailed into chauffeuring Emma around town, he has to try to bail her out of one wacky situation after another.

fast women

Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie

Landing a new job at McKenna Investigations brings Nell Dysart out of her post-divorce decline, even if the job is only supposed to be temporary.  Nobody can stop the overzealous Nell as she investigates cleaning money embezzlement, spruces up the office, and recovers a stolen dog that no one wants back -- not even her boss, Gabe McKenna.under the boardwalk

Under the Boardwalk by Carly Phillips

Ariana Costas, a repressed psychology professor, feels like a misfit in her beyond eccentric Greek family.  When her troublemaking twin, Zoe, suddenly disappears, Ariana decides to slip on Zoe's miniskirt and investigate.nothing but trouble

Nothing But Trouble by Rachel Gibson

Chelsea Ross is out to revamp her D-list horror movie acting career and she needs the $10,000 bonus provided by the Seattle Chinooks hockey team to do it.  No matter how obnoxious injured player Mark Bressler can be to every personal assistant the team sends him, Chelsea won't accept failure as an option.