For The Love of Animals

How do you show your love for animals?  This week has been set aside as National Pet Week and also as Be Kind to Animals Week®, which is currently celebrating it’s 99th year.  It’s the perfect time for showing some extra appreciation for the furry friends and family in your life and for learning about how to share the love by helping out ones that you’ve never even met.  Visit the links above for more information and for opportunities to get involved.  You can also find a variety of resources on the topic of Animal Welfare, in the library’s catalog.  There are an assortment of books and videos for the entire family, including animal rights resources, fiction and films for animal lovers, and government and nonprofit publications.

Take a look at some of the books that are currently checked-in at Fairbanks. 

Animal Rights by Shasta Gaughen

A Girl's Best Friend by Catherine Stine

Picture This by Jacqueline Sheehan

Please Don't Tease Tootsie by Margaret Chamberlain

Image © JupiterImages