Love Hurts: Anti-Romance Reads

stormie steve suffers broken heart of unrequited loveSome folks like to read happily-ever-after tales.  And some people would rather read about the darker side of romantic attachments: when things go wrong, when everything does not turn out a-okay, or when love is just plain complicated.  So for those of you who prefer a little dash of anti-romance, this list is for you.  What are your favorite “love hurts” reads?

Mer’s Love Hurts Picks

crazy beautiful bookjackethate list bookjacketsix rules of maybe bookjacketjekel loves hyde bookjacket






falling hard bookjacketabundance of katherinesastonishing adventures bookjacket






addicted to her bookjacketrose by any other name bookjacketa bad boy can be good for a girlmemoirs of a teenage amnesiac bookjacket





Flickr CC: Stormie Steve Suffers the Broken Heart of Unrequited Love Photo by: ShellyS