Lynn Redgrave (1943-2010)

Lynn Redgrave passed away this week. A member of an influential acting family, she was intelligent, talented, beautiful, and inspirational. She came to the attention of most Americans back in 1966 when she played the title character in Georgy Girl. Long before Bridget Jones there was Georgy. Redgrave received an Oscar nomination for the role and won the Golden Globe for it. More than 30 years later she received her second Oscar nomination for Gods and Monsters in which she was the stern housekeeper of director James Whale, played by Ian McKellen.

Over the years Redgrave played a wide variety of roles from romantic lead (Pygmalion, Centennial, Shine) to supporting (The Jane Austen Book Club, Unconditional Love, Spider, Varian’s War, Anita & Me). She did horror (The Turn of the Screw), comedy (All I Wanna Do), and voice work in animated films (The Wild Thornberrys Movie, Eloise). In all her work, Lynn Redgrave gave strong, heartfelt performances.

I have three particular favorite movies of Redgrave’s. One is Georgy Girl, where the plain girl finds that being a good person and never giving up can bring amazing rewards. The second is Centennial, the epic mini-series by James Michener. She plays a young Englishwoman who finds a home in the American West. The last is Peter Pan, in which she is the aunt of the Darling children – and shows Wendy that growing up can be the most exciting adventure of all.

Lynn Redgrave was rare, special person.  She possessed an extraordinary talent and will be greatly missed.


Lynn Redgrave was an

Lynn Redgrave was an extraordinary talent in so many fine films. She will be missed.

I can't agree more. Ms.

I can't agree more. Ms. Redgrave's body of work speaks to her talent and perseverance. Thank you for commenting.