Make @ HCPL


HCPL has the following maker machines set up around the system for you to use. There are free classes and programs to teach you how to use the machines and once you’ve completed the introductory class, you can schedule free lab time to use them.  Click here to get started and sign up for a class. For anyone under 12, we ask that they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.
If you have already taken a machine orientation, you do not need to repeat the introductory class. Please sign up for a Maker Central account and then contact the branch where you completed the orientation to gain access to machine reservation form.

3D printing is a process that takes a computer model and builds a three-dimensional object. Plastic is melted through the printer’s hot nozzle and then is squeezed out, layer by layer, until the final object is completed. For detailed information on the 3D printing process, click here.


Laser cutters use focused light to burn through (cut) or mark the surface (etch) of materials. The laser beam diameter is small and the computer-controlled positioning is very precise.  Depending on the material used and the quality of the artwork, lasers are capable of cutting and etching very fine details. For detailed information on laser cutters, click here.


CNC (Computer Numerical Control) mills can be thought of as computer-controlled carving machines. A cutting tool, similar to a drill or routing bit, is spun at very high speeds and moved to cut/carve the material to be machined. This is a process which starts with a block of solid material and results in a finished piece along with waste material (sawdust, plastic chips, metal filings, etc.). For detailed information on mills, click here.


A vinyl cutter (or vinyl plotter) is a computer-controlled plotting device with a blade instead of a pen.  A design is created in a software program and then sent to the cutter where it precisely cuts adhesive vinyl along the paths laid out in the design.  The finished product can then be adhered to walls, windows and other surfaces. For detailed information on vinyl cutting, click here.


The Jocelyn H. Lee Innovation Lab is a free, community Makerspace at the Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch Library. The Innovation Lab is a place for people of all ages to learn, share resources, work on projects and network with other creative minds. For detailed information on Innovation Lab, click here.


The Jocelyn H. Lee Digital Media Lab, located at the Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch Library, offers library patrons the opportunity to create and edit audio, music, images, and videos, or to convert old video and audio formats to digital. For detailed information on Digital Media Lab, click here.