Make the Holidays Easier with Ebooks!

Now that that December is really here, life is getting more and more difficult. People are travelling, which leads to cranky road trips, stores and roads get crowded with all the holiday shoppers, and it just seems like you have less and less time to get everything done. All those things combined means that it gets harder and harder to get to the library and get the books that you need to keep your sanity. Fortunately, your HCPL website is here to help, offering electronic books and audiobooks that you can download, read or listen to, and return, without any need to go to the library! That’s right! You can have books for road trips, audiobooks for traffic, and you get this with just a click of a button, no need to go outside! What’s more, we have plenty of sites to choose from. Here are a couple:

Overdrive: You may have heard of Overdrive (or an app called Libby). We highly recommend this versatile platform that allows you to read or listen to books on pretty much any device (and has a fantastic help section to get you set up on any device). This website offers books for all ages, audiobooks, graphic novels, and even movies! It also automatically returns books, so you don’t have to worry about overdue books.

RBDigital: This is my go-to site for audiobooks. It has a great selection of them and allows you to search by genre, author, and title. The best part is, I hardly ever have to put holds on these books, because they are almost always available!

Tumblebook: This is a great site for your kids to go and read. This website is designed for students and it offers books with clear reading levels and guided audio. This helps the books be more interactive and fun while still teaching your kids to read. With a large variety of books, including non-fiction and graphic novels, this is a great resource for teaching and entertaining your kids.

We hope using these sites help you have a handle on the holidays. Please don’t forget that even though you have these resources, you can still come into the library for hard copies of books, fantastic programs, and help with anything you need. Hope to see you soon. 

Photo Credit: - CC0 Creative Commons