A Makeover for Pearl

Meet Pearl the Pelican. Pearl recently underwent a makeover, and we think she looks great! The new and improved Pearl was unveiled at the Evelyn Meador Friend’s Annual Spaghetti Dinner at Bay Elementary School on January 29th. Along with our library, she was damaged by Hurricane Ike.  Pearl is one of many pelicans in the Seabrook area that are part of the Pelican Path Project, sponsored by the Seabrook Association. Tom Diegelman is coordinating the restoration of a number of the PPP pelicans needing repairs due to the storm. Pearl was originally designed and painted by Rosanne Frazier. Her rennovation was completed by another local artist, Marianne Filler. Pearl, as well as other Seabrook pelicans will be on parade at the upcoming 1st Annual Pelican Ball to be held February 29th at Endeavor Marina's Admiral Room. After that she will be kept at the Pelican Park in Seabrook until we are ready to open the new building. Then she will once again grace the front of our library!