"Making" Progress at HCPL

Maker Central

Many visitors at the recent Houston Maker Faire were surprised and excited to learn that more HCPL branch locations are offering 3D printers and laser cutters for public use.  You may have noticed the "Maker Central" banner on the main library webpage - this is the name we've given to our expanding services.  By following the link from the main page, you can learn more about the machines available for use including 3D printers, laser cutters, a CNC mill and vinyl cutters.  You can sign up for a Maker Central account and start earning badges to gain use privileges by attending orientation classes for these tools.

Child watching 3D PrinterClasses and access to the Maker Central tools are free, though there is a small materials fee for using the 3D printers.  If you want to learn more or need inspiration for projects, please come join us in our orientation classes.  They are regularly listed on the HCPL Events Calendar at multiple branches and provide an easy way to get started using the tools.

With all of these resources available, what will YOU make at the library?