The Man In Lower Ten

The Man in Lower Ten by Mary Roberts Rinehart. While carrying evidence that would convict a high profile person in Washington, Lawyer Lawrence Blakely found himself involved in murder and train a train wreck on the same night. The trip started out fine and seem to be going well until he came back to his sleeper berth, lower ten, to find a man already in it and snoring. Since lower nine was empty, Lawrence climbed into it instead. When he woke the next morning, the man in his berth was dead.  and Lawrence's briefcase with the documents as well as all of his clothes were missing.  It soon became apparent that the man in lower ten has been murdered. Since Lawrence had the dead mans clothes and bag including his wallet with money in it.  Lawrence is immediately under suspicion. As the conductor is trying to figure out exactly what happened the train is hit by another train causing great loss of life and evidence. Lawrence knows that unless he figures out who committed the murder he is first on the suspect list, so begins his investigation.