Manga Titles for Romantics

Nothing beats the dog days of summer like a good romance novel and there are some great romance novels in the graphic novels section of your local library! Listed below are select manga series that are sure to give you butterflies.

High School Debut Love*Com Sand Chronicles School Rumble Kimi Ni todoke Orange Planet

  • Kazune Kawahara. High School Debut. Haruna Nagashima is new to high school and has a new interest: boys. Haruna decides to put all of her energy towards getting a boyfriend and having the high school romance of a lifetime.
  • Aya Nakahara. Love*Com. Risa is the tallest girl in class; Otani is the shortest boy in class. The two seem like natural enemies but when they pair up to pursue their love interests, they bond and it looks as if they begin an interest in each other!
  • Hinako Ashihara. Sand Chronicles. Ann is having difficulty adjusting to rural life in her mom's hometown. But when things get rough, she begins to appreciate the unexpected kindness from others.
  • Jin Kobayashi. School Rumble. Tsukamoto is playing matchmaker by helping her friend Harima catch the girl of her dreams who happens to be Tsukamoto's best friend. But to Tsukamoto's surprise, Harima doesn't have a crush on Mikoto but has a crush on her!
  • Karusho Shiina. Kimi Ni Todoke. Sawako is a bonafide leper at her school but doesn't want to be. But when the most popular and handsome guy at school, Kazehaya, befriends her, others start to dislike her even more!
  • Haruka Fukushima. Orange Planet. Rui is just your typical high school girl with boy problems. But her problem with boys is that too many have a crush on her! But when Rui feels like all boys are not worth dealing with, one suitor begins to catch her eye.

What romance graphic novels do you like? Feel free to post your picks in the comments section!


I would love to see the manga

I would love to see the manga collection you have, and my favorite is one which you don't have called "Gakuen Alice." I have more favorites but this is the main one.

Ooh, great choice! We have a

Ooh, great choice! We have a large collection of manga! Hopefully we have some that interest you :)