Manga vs Manhwa

Unless you're in the know, you're probably thinking Man-whu? It's okay. I never heard of it before either. Manhwa is to Korea as Manga is to Japan. (Or if you're more visual, Manhwa:Korea::Manga:Japan) wink

It can be pronounced either "mahn-hwa" or "mahn-hua." You have probably seen Manhwa at the bookstore or the library because it is usually shelved with Manga.

One key difference between Manhwa and Manga is that Manhwa reads in the traditional Western fashion of left to right. Another not so obvious difference is the art style. (I couldn't explain it to you if I tried, so check out the covers below.) Both often base their plots on action, romance, and Asian mythology. While Manga pulls from Japanese mythology, Manhwa looks to Korean mythology for inspiration.

Want to get your Manhwa on? Check these out:

 Manhwa Mania: How to Draw Korean comics by Christopher Hart

 Chronicles of the Cursed Sword by Yeo Beop-Ryong

 Faeries' Landing by You Hyun (Available on Overdrive as well)

 Ragnarok by Myung-Jin Lee

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