Manners Matter


Parents are their child's most important teacher and what you say and what you do will help mold your child's future.  

Often it is through observing others that children learn about basic rules of etiquette. Consequentially, it is important that adults model the behavior that they would like for their child to have. In addition, you can help expand your child's knowledge and understanding by read books together and then talking. 

When children learn the importance of how to act and how to treat others they are provided a gift that will serve them throughout their entire life.

Dora's Book of Manners  by Christine Ricci 

Everyone's favorite explorer teaches children how to stay safe in the great outdoors! Dora and Boots show children what they need to do when they are playing outside: Look both ways before crossing the street. Wear a helmet when you ride your bicycle. Wear a life jacket when you're in the water. These tips and more are included in this Super Chubby board book that's great for summer display tables and all year long! The Grumpy Old Troll was mean to his friend Mouse--and now he needs help from Dora and Boots so Mouse will forgive him. But what should he say? Join Dora and Boots in this refreshed edition of a Dora tale as they help the Troll…and learn all about manners along the way!


Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur: A First Book of Manners   by Judy Sierra

 In this funny story, told in lilting read-aloud rhyme, the girl has numerous opportunities to be helpful to the clumsy shopping dino and demonstrate when to say "thank you," "excuse me," "I'm sorry," "You're welcome," and other niceties of life. Tim Bowers's whimsical illustrations bring an extra dimension of fun to Judy Sierra's hilarious picture book fantasy. Altogether, Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur is an entertaining and painless way to show preschoolers why basic manners are a good thing to have.

The Berenstain Bears Say Please and Thank You Jan Berenstain

Sister, Brother, and Honey Bear practice using their very best manners in many different situations.

Clifford's Manners  Norman Bridwell.

The circus is in town, but everything is going wrong. Emily Elizabeth and Clifford offer to help. Clifford and the circus acts work together to save the show-and the day!


Mind Your Manners Samantha Brooke 

Winnie-the-Pooh is so excited to go to Christopher Robin's picnic that he forgets his manners. He doesn't wait his turn or say ?please,? ?thank you,? or ?excuse me.' Will Winnie-the-Pooh ever learn the right thing to do?


 Achoo! : Good Manners Can Be Contagious! Mij Kelly 

Achoo! is a delightfully funny combination of verse and color pictures that will keep kids laughing, even as they learn that good manners and good health practices are closely interrelated. Along with covering one's mouth, children learn the importance of washing their hands, wiping their nose with a tissue instead of their hands, brushing their teeth, and many more basic rules of hygiene and good manners.

Being a Pig Is Nice : A Child's-Eye View of Manners by Sally Lloyd-Jones 

A hilarious picture book about manners, turned upside down! Why do animals get to misbehave, while humans have to act so prim and proper all the time? From the New York Times bestselling author comes a book about manners, all from the point-of-view of a little girl. In her refreshingly subversive world, monkeys must always use their fingers when they eat or get in trouble, elephants are encouraged to squirt and splatter everywhere, and pig parents ask their children to get muddy before they go to bed. Of course, if you're a pig, you smell, and that's not nice. Still, the girl can see that behaving like an animal could be fun. . .

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