March Madness

It’s one of the sure signs of spring.  No, not new bright green leaves on the trees.  No, not the blooming of bluebonnets.   No, not even the warmer temperatures.  None of those.

It’s March Madness!  The NCAA basketball playoffs to determine the best college teams in the country.

Whether you’re a basketball fan or not, it’s hard not to take some interest in the competition.  Sweet Sixteen.  Elite Eight.  Final Four.  National Championship.  It’s exciting to see if your favorite or a local team advances in the rounds.

Basketball is a sport that can be played almost anywhere, from driveways to city parks to vast arenas.  So it’s only natural that Hollywood would take notice.  Over the years, they have given us movies covering all levels of play, from neighborhood pick-up games to major professional teams and from edge-of-your-seat, can-they-win stories to just plain silly fun.  And documentaries about players and teams that changed the game forever.

Basketball on the Big Screen

  • Believe in Me                                                     He Got Game
  • Coach Carter                                                     Hoosiers
  • Edge of America                                               Just Wright
  • Glory Road                                                          Rebound

Stars of the Court

Making History


So settle in for some great sports action and great entertainment and enjoy the games!


Flickr  CC     :  2 points     Photo by Mirko Macari


Ah, how timely! PBS has been

Ah, how timely! PBS has been running Hoosiers, which is a wonderful movie with a wonderful cast, and just the ticket even for those of us who couldn't shoot hoops to save our lives.

I really like movies and TV

I really like movies and TV series that focus on younger athletes and teamwork, and I agree that Hoosiers is one of the best.  I always liked playing sports, but strictly the backyard variety.  Never had the talent for outside of that!

Thanks for writing!