Margaret is retiring!

Everyone knows Margaret Davis as she's been one of the reference librarians at Barbara Bush for 40, yes 40 years! Think how many people she has helped during that time! Well, the unthinkable has happened. Margaret has decided to retire. She will be with us until Feb. 28. 

Please help us in wishing her well as she discovers the new chapter in life that is retirement. Cards are provided at the Information Desk upstairs as well as the Customer Service desk. 

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I remember Ms. Margaret as an

I remember Ms. Margaret as an amazing movie finder. I would call, and I her for certain title on movies that was to be coming out soon. She would find, or know what to do. I felt a sense of confidence; because of her expertise in doing what she seem to love doing. I would just like to say thank you Ms. Margaret for an job well done. I pray that your life continue to bless everyone that you may come in contact with be an blessing.