Masters of Horror

Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a good scare. The Script Lab's full list of the Top 13 Masters of Horror features the best writers and directors in the horror film genre. Below are DVD selections from our catalog by some of these writers and directors:

The Dead Zone Army of Darkness The Thing Nightmare on Elm Street

Neil Marshall - The Descent

The Pang Brothers - The Eye

James Wan - Saw

Rob Zombie - Halloween II (2010)

David Cronenberg - The Dead Zone

Tobe Hooper - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Sam Raimi - Army of Darkness

John Carpenter - The Thing

Wes Craven - Nightmare on Elm Street


The scariest movie of all

The scariest movie of all time: Stephen King's It. I am traumatized. I can't even see a clown without screaming!

Angelica, I can't help but


I can't help but agree. Clowns didn't bother me until I saw It. Now they make me uneasy!